Well….since you’re here….

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.48.09 AMI’ll be the first person to admit that I’m kind of odd. In the same breath I might ask you if you’d rather see a sasquatch or an alien and then invite you to see a musical with me on Friday night. In case you were wondering, I’d rather see an alien after hearing a particularly unsettling episode of Into the Fray. Ask me again though in a week!

It might be a shock, but I’m actually an introvert. When it comes to things I’m passionate about though, like musical theatre and horror films, it turns out I’ve got a lot to say. People are always asking what I thought about the show I saw last week or the latest blockbuster or on the rare occasion what podcasts I’m talking to while I’m at work. Yeah, you read that right. If you heard someone say they’d found an implant in their arm after being abducted by aliens I’m sure there’s some words you’d be saying too; the least of which might be, “that’s messed up” or “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Good news is, I’m in the perfect place to be a weirdo. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a little over two years and let me tell you — it’s terrible for my wallet but so good for my theatre loving heart. I once tried to write a theatre blog with a budget friendly angle and failed miserably. Turns out I’m like John Hammond when it comes to things that entertain me — “spare no expense.” Don’t worry, mom! I’m still paying rent!

I’ve seen some cool things though since I finally got a big girl job and learned that your 20s is the only time of your life where it’s okay to make “irresponsible” choices because you’re young (so long as you can still pay your bills and eat). Irresponsible for me just so happens to mean three trips to NYC and a lot of musicals. I’ve still got five years to make more wild choices before it becomes unacceptable so stay tuned.

If all that nonsense wasn’t enough for you, I guess I’ve got a few more wildly revealing things for you:  I’m a very proud Slytherin, future cat lady, sometimes a writer, and a pretty decent cook in the kitchen when armed with a good recipe. Now, that’s enough about me! Go read something else now before I embarrass myself.

— Heidi















Oh. You’re still here! What else did you want to know?  I guess you can have one more cool fact: One time my dad told me he was out camping with his family when he was young and he swears a sasquatch was poking around the place and the next day tore through their coolers and stole their milk. They even found strange hairs and smelled the smelly smell. Spooky.