So Quake With Fear, You Tiny Fools

When you think of cult classic films, Rocky Horror probably comes to mind first. With interactive midnight screenings of the film where people dress up and sing along, this is one film that’s here to stay and will be a Halloween classic for generations to come.  Come on, is there a better film to wrap up Halloween season than Rocky Horror Picture Show? A film all about embracing all your quirks and all your strangeness? Isn’t that what this holiday has become in a lot of ways? In that vein, it really is fitting we end our fun on this most strange and campy film and go out in an unquestionably stylish fashion. Dr. Frank-N-Furter wouldn’t have it any other way I’m sure.

gimme that scifi love

Part of the lasting impact of the film is its music including iconic songs like “Time Warp”, “Sweet Transvestite”, and “Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul” keep you coming back for more, bopping along throughout the year even. Becca, my roommate, made a comment like “name a better lyric than hot patootie bless my soul” and you know, I’m not sure I could.  The opening of the film with Lips singing “Science Fiction Double Feature” that drops so many names and so many films that give you just a peek into the zany adventure that’s about to unfold. A film that’s so going to go so far as to bring time warping aliens and a Dr. Frankenstein type into the same story definitely earns its place amongst those iconic sci-fi films.  How do you not jam to “Dammit, Janet”? Next to “Time Warp” that’s probably the second most well-known song from the show (at least in my experience) full of so many references you might encounter at a party.

a finaleThe music is only the second best part of the film though. The performance given by Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is probably his second most well-known role (the terrifying demon clown, Pennywise, claims the top spot) but what makes Tim Curry such a delight to watch in Rocky Horror is how much fun you can see that he’s having with the role. His “Sweet Tranvestite” is the best version you’ll ever hear and how does your heart not break when he’s singing “I’m Going Home”? Tim Curry’s a true saving grace to a film whose plot is more an homage to the sci-fi films it mentions rather than having a narrative of its own.

oh how fun.jpg

I keep coming back to this film and every year I ask myself, “Why am I watching this? It’s so weird!” but then as the music starts and it hits its glorious campy style you can’t help but have fun. Embrace your inner alien, embrace your oddities and quirks and settle in for a delightful film.

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